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Lepanto’s episode with the cleaning lady

After I was able to steal away my dog's treasure, I had to explain to my non- English speaking cleaning lady,in pantomime, that my had dog eaten her lunch.  All the while, my husband hid in our bedroom, too mortified to face our cleaning lady. I made her another sandwich.  Although it wasn't liverwurst, it was ham.

One morning my husband and I were getting dressed for work and I heard my yellow lab making jumping noises in the other room.  When I went to check on her, I noticed she was throwing something around in the air and pouncing on it.  I thought maybe she got hold of a bird or a mouse.

When I went closer, I realized it was something mashed up in a plastic baggie.  Upon even closer inspection, I noticed it was a mushed up sandwich that she had taken from my cleaning ladies purse.  She had eaten the woman's lunch!  

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“Taking ‘Comfort’ out of ‘comforter’”