I went to the nail shop to get the full package done since my boyfriend was coming in for the Labor Day weekend. I go in, sit down and start talking to the girl that always does my nails and I look over and see these two little boys playing with the cutest little puppy! It was so cute; he was white with little black spots all over his body. I immediately fell in love and asked where they got it. Their mom said her dog had them and she was looking for homes for them so of course I had to take him home. We get home and he was so loving and so playful I was so glad that I gotten him. I’m getting ready to go to dinner when my boyfriend gets there. So I’m ready and I set my heels out and put my flip flops on until it’s time to go. My boyfriend Roderick gets there, we talk, have a couple of glasses of wine, relax, then decide to go to dinner. I go grab my purse and go to put my heels on and OMG! My $200 heels are all ripped up, bitten on, and totally ruined! My boyfriend comes to see what’s up and starts laughing!

I am looking at him like he has lost his mind; he picks the puppy up and says that he looks like he is probably teething. I am ready to throw the dog out, when he starts crying and whining, Roderick puts him down and he comes over to me, all snuggling up on my feet crying. I pick him up, and he’s licking my face, kissing me, and is snuggling on my neck. Of course I calmed down, but I was still really angry.

My boyfriend says he will take me shopping and get me another pair if I will just let the little guy stay, so I give him a stern talking to about staying away from my shoes-the puppy not Roderick-and we go to dinner.

We come home hours later and I just want to relax. Roderick goes and puts some shorts and a tee shirt on and turns on the television, I go put on my nightgown and am all ready to put my slippers on and snuggle on the couch when I quickly slip them on and OMG! I am screaming at the dog! Roderick comes running in asking what he has done now.

He looks over and the dog is peeking its little head out from under the bed looking out at us as if he is wondering why I am yelling at him. Roderick looks at me and asks what is it now and I ask him to carry me to the bathroom.

He does and as I hop over to the bathtub, he sees what it is and busts out laughing! The dog has POOPED in my slippers! The dog sticks his little head inside the door and Rodrick quickly picks him up and tells him it looks like he IS IN THE DOG HOUSE!